Friday, December 14, 2018

Free Trinity Snowman Activity

I wanted to create a free activity for all of you this winter! Do you need a short project to teach about the Trinity? This is a great one-day lesson or an activity for a substitute. Download it for free at my TPT store! Your students color the snowman and use the poem to create a cute take-home activity. I also included a word search.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Using Prayer Journals in the Classroom

At the beginning of the year, I taught my students how to write in prayer journals. We modeled the first couple of weeks to help them write well-developed prayers. First, we talk about how to start a prayer. Then, we answer the prayer prompt. Next, we add an additional detail. Finally, we close the prayer. I put on Christian music and encourage them to make this their quiet time with God every morning. I have created six months of the year for you to use already.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Bible Sort and Match: Christmas

Have you my Bible Sort and Match product line? I created this last year for my little nephew for Christmas. It is a great preschool center or learning activity during Sunday school Christmas program practice when you need to keep little ones quiet and busy. Check out Bible Sort and Match: Christmas in my TPT store!

The centers teach kids about little and big.

They also match parts to make a whole.

Finally, there is a simple matching section.

I hope these activities may be of benefit to you!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

2017-2018 Classroom Reveal: Welcome to Narnia!

I have spent all week transforming my classroom from summer storage to a winter wonderland. My students voted on this classroom theme, and I am excited to be posting my first classroom reveal! Welcome to the land of Narnia! Most of the items came from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Narnia Classroom Theme on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. I included links for the items from other places.


This adorable lamp is from Walmart. The lamp was such a great deal and an awesome find! I made charts for church and lunch choices. I posted my lesson plans from Tori Gorosave for the first week. The Woodland Tree Bulletin Board Border comes from Oriental Trading.

This wooden post instant download from The Quirky Briars really helped to set the stage!

The students are going to make kings and queens of Narnia with a picture of their face attached to hang on this strip. We have quite a few new friends this year, so this will be helpful as we get to know each other. The cubbies are covered in a snow blanket and white lights from Amazon.

Each student has a cubby with a personalized water bottle and a Bible study box.

The students will open the wardrobe door into Narnia thanks to one of my coworkers.

I ordered these bathroom passes from Ginger E Collection on Etsy.

 I made these these signs for my flexible seating. Students choose their spot by placing their number beneath the spot they would like. The Velcro dots match the number of seats available. My spelling chart is below.

I made posters for Ron Clark's 55 Rules to hang in the classroom. They are such a concrete way to reinforce or teach manners.

The vines from Dollar Tree keep the students focused on the school theme throughout the year. The subject labels give a place for me to write homework for planners.

I made one of these water bottles for each of my students using this tutorial from at The Pinning Mama. Adorable nephew not included.

Silent signals keep instructional time running smoothly. Baxter the box turtle and the longest-living hermit crab in recent are waiting for everyone to return.

One of my students asked for memory practice, so I created this curriculum this summer. It will be available on my TPT store next school year.

In our first unit of religion, we are going to practice writing and leading a Bible study. This project-based unit is available in my TPT store.

Our first day of school includes a big celebration from God - a solar eclipse. We are #pathoftotality, so these are going home with students on our half-day.

My new charging stations for my Chromebooks are pretty fabulous! I used a few zip ties, some taplines, and a metal dish drainer from Wal-mart.

My Daily 5 CAFE is ready to be filled!

With flexible seating, the students use cubbies to store all of their materials.

I bought new baskets from Dollar Tree to organize my math board.

My schedule cards have sweet characters from Narnia.

As does my calendar!

I post both pledges for new students.

I love my new flexible seating spaces from Target!

These were free from our church secretary!

I still have lots of table space for students to use.

The classroom jobs are based on characters from the Narnia's series.

The rest of the supplies are kept in these buckets. I put them around the room in the student's first spot for the day.

One of our parents made these beautiful decorations for the hallway.

I put these together during the summer for families to use.

These gorgeous gifts from my administrator are a blessed present to kick off a new year!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Resource to Help You Teach Maundy Thursday

I have the perfect addition to your Holy Week! My Maundy Thursday lapbook is now available in my TPT store. After reading the story from the Bible, the students summarize the events of Maundy Thursday. They review the stories before and after Maundy Thursday. They choose their favorite Bible verses to share with their peers. The students outline four facts about the disciples and the Passover meal. This is a great take-home activity to help your families understand the events of Maundy Thursday.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Teach Students about Epiphany

My upper elementary students love these lapbooks - they get to color while listening to Christian music. I love them because they learn the story of Epiphany in a visual way that is easy to remember and ready to share with families. This lapbook is a perfect no-prep activity after the break!

Epiphany Lapbook
 I printed off the Epiphany Lapbook for each student.

Epiphany Lapbook
 Each student needs a 12x18 piece of construction paper. I prefer kingly colors like blue, green, and purple.

Epiphany Lapbook
 All of the pieces have to be cut out.

Epiphany Lapbook
 Color the images for a bright lesson!

Epiphany Lapbook
 Glue the cover pages to the folded construction paper. (There are directions for folding in the PDF.)

Epiphany Lapbook
Glue the center pieces into the project.

Epiphany Lapbook
 Here is a view of the rest of it.

Epiphany Lapbook
This product has plenty of space for a kindergarten student to write, but more details can be added for a middle school student.