Friday, January 31, 2014

God Knows Our Heart

This week's post is a little later than normal as I wasn't sure of a topic to write for the week. Numerous ideas came to mind. It's National Lutheran Schools Week, and that has been one of my favorite celebrations after teaching in two schools in cities that did not have many Lutheran schools nearby. It's winter, and there are many themes that teachers could be studying in their classrooms. The Super Bowl is coming up, and I am sure that some teachers out there are developing some great unit revolving around math, science, and sports.

However, I had the opportunity to speak to a good friend recently, and the topic turned to how God knows what is on our heart. This makes me think of a little boy that came to my first school as first grade student. I had the opportunity to get to know him as I taught elementary Spanish and served as the assistant childcare director. He had a mop full of curls, and we had fondly nicknamed him Popcorn because he could never stay in his seat. He tended to drive his teacher crazy, but I remember coming to the staff meeting one afternoon and telling us a story. The little boy had gone up to the cross and asked why there was a man there. The teacher explained that it was Jesus, and He had died for our sins. In the four years that I had the opportunity to get know that little boy, his fascination with the church and the Bible was amazing. Our school was one of the few places where he learned about Jesus. He had the opportunity to grow in knowledge and in faith.

I think about some of my other students that believed that good works get them to heaven. I remember a boy that I taught for 2 years. I recall countless conversations where I would ask the students how they got to heaven. They would all reply, "Jesus!" Not this little boy. He would question me. He would tell me that he had been told that he had to earn his way to heaven. I am not sure we ever ended a discussion where he finally said that all you need is faith. That always broke my heart, but I knew that as teachers, I knew that we plant seeds, but God knows what is on our heart.

On those days when you may be tempted to make fun of friend or be disappointed by their actions and decisions, remember this: God knows what is on our hearts. How is God working in your heart today?