Friday, February 21, 2014

President's Day

If anyone were to ask me about my favorite subject in school, I would have immediately answered social studies. That seems a bit strange considering the fact that none of my higher learning concentrations were in social studies. However, I always loved to teach my students about geography and the American Presidents. While American politics can often be a difficult topic to discuss, I find it so important we teach our students about founding fathers and some of the great leaders from this country. They loved being able to take a virtual Skype field trip to the Ford Theater. They also enjoyed seeing the homes of Washington and Jefferson through on-line tours.
When I was young, my dad had encouraged me to memorize all of the Presidents of the United States. He then added the Vice-Presidents. I must admit, there was a bribe included in this bet. I used to encourage my students to do the same. We would have weekly quizzes, and we used the following video to help them memorize it. We averaged 10 new presidents each week. It also gave them a mini-history lesson as we went. I would catch them singing it throughout the day. What a fantastic way to learn! Enjoy!

I will put a little bit of a disclaimer in. The video is not necessarily suitable for every grade level and should monitored for usage.