Saturday, August 30, 2014

Postcard Exchange 2014-2015

A few years ago, my students and I created "Skype Across America." See the following link: It began as a social studies project in which the students would learn about state information through collaborating and communicating with other classrooms rather than researching in books. As the project developed, the students grew in confidence in their speaking skills as well as developing their listening skills. They became fluent in Skype etiquette and learned how to manage a large group project with spreadsheets, e-mails, and Twitter. Finally, their writing skills were enhanced as they took the information gathered and created a blog post for each state we visited. They developed skills in writing organization, creative word choice, and developed their own voice to portray to their audience. As an added bonus, I was able to connect with other educators across the country and learn about their styles.

This year, the my are creating a project that is a little more retro. We are going on a road trip - from the comfort of our classroom! We are looking for 49 classrooms - one from each state - to join us in a postcard exchange. In return, your class will receive 49 postcards, one from each state. You and your students will enjoy building a United States of Friendship Map/Bulletin Board! What a great way to learn about the 50 states in our wonderful country! Once all states have been accounted for, I will assemble all the information and e-mail it to the participants.

Learn more at the following website:

We are still looking for about 20 more states to join us! Please share with someone who might be interested!