Friday, November 28, 2014

Why Choose Lutheran Schools?

Why choose a Lutheran school? As Lutheran schools are struggling with enrollment and communicating the importance of a Lutheran school to communities that are increasingly non-Lutheran, are we being proactive about our role in this great opportunity for outreach that we have? A new study (Bedrick, 2013) reveals that parents are choosing private schools for the following top five reasons:
  1. Better learning discipline
  2. Better learning environment
  3. Smaller class sizes
  4. Improved student safety
  5. More individual attention
How are we communicating these strengths of our schools to current and prospective parents? One method is through a school website. As you look at your school website, are these five reasons effectively communicated to parents through words and pictures?
  1. As Lutheran schools, we have the unique opportunity to teach Christian faith and values set in God's Word and Lutheran doctrine.
  2. Lutheran schools have some of the best academics and receive accreditation through the Lutheran and secular agencies. 
  3. Lutheran schools can offer smaller class sizes (Finn, 2002) that lead to higher grades, better test results, and improved relationships between the home and school.
  4. Lutheran schools with accreditation and strong morals create communities that are safe for student learning.
  5. Smaller class sizes allow Lutheran school teachers to focus on the individual needs of student growth in the classroom.
If you were to review the communications from your school, would you see these reasons highlighted on your website and in your newsletter? Take a moment this week to find these five aspects. Lutheran schools are a great place to be, and we want our parents to know it as well!

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