Sunday, February 8, 2015

Improving your Facebook Page

How many of you have a Facebook page for your school? They are almost a necessity in today's social media age. They give your church and parents a view of the school, and the pictures can be used for accreditation. Here are some ideas to keep your page active:

  1. Update the cover page each month with pictures of holidays, school events, seasons, awards, faith, and technology (Williams, 2014).
  2. Improve your description by including words that people would use to search your school and describe the key features of your school. Include your website URL at the end for visitors to learn more.
  3. Use design tools (Canva is one of my favorites) to create pictures that are sized for Facebook. The profile picture is 180x180, and the cover photo is 851x315. These small changes give your page a more professional image.
  4. When sharing a link, compliment the person and give a short description so fans know why you are sharing it.
  5. Use the post insights to mix up the times and to schedule your posts for when viewers are most likely to visit your page.
Developing an active page for your school provides great outreach into your internal and external community. Put one of these practices into use this week! God's Blessings!

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