Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#2GetherWeAreBetter: Things I Love

On the second of each month, Lucky Little Learners and Schroeder Shenanigans in Second come together to blog about a topic, learn from each other, and grow as educators. This month, the topic is Things We Love! What is something you love from your classroom? What is your favorite business tool? What do you love in your life? On February 2, how will you be better together?

I discovered 6+1 Traits of Writing by Ruth Calhum during my first year of teaching. I fell in love with it during my second year when I added Evan Moor resources to the program. From my best writers to my struggling starters, this program has benefited every student that has used it. I just started using it again in my classroom, and I loved to see how my students grow! 6+1 Traits is one my classroom loves!

My second classroom love is Teachers Pay Teachers. I have been gathering resources from this site for over a year, and I love the creative ideas I glean from other teachers on this site. What is better than adding flavor to your classroom while supporting your colleagues? The craftivities that line the halls are a parent favorite. Interactive notebooks help students organize their thoughts. I love the resources from TPT!

My first business love is Instagram. I set a New Year's Resolution to post on my business social media daily in 2016. I also wanted to increase my followers. I have already surpassed my goal on Instagram. The hashtags are a great way to collaborate with other teachers. This social savvy tool is a way to peak into the windows of classrooms around the world. Me amo Instagram!

When I started branding Teach by Faith this past summer, I was thrilled to find Mrs. 3rd Grade, a fellow #luthed teacher. She is skilled in social media, TPT, and blogging. More importantly, she teaches in a Lutheran school. Hopefully, she'll inspire a few more #luthed teachers to join in! Mrs. 3rd Grade is a great role model for any teacher blogger. Thanks, Mrs. 3rd Grade!

My life love of late includes recipes from Skinnytaste! I have been cooking with her recipes consistently since Thanksgiving. I cooked a few things for my whole family over Christmas. I love the egg muffins for breakfast. Loaded nacho potatoes, fried chicken and mashed cauliflower, and black bean burrito bowls are some of my favorites. All of the meals are under 400 calories and made with real food. I am in love!