Thursday, February 11, 2016

Technology Thursday: Khan Academy

I am excited to join Teaching Trio for my first Tech Thursday! I worked in a 1:1 school as the technology coordinator as the tech revolution was just beginning in schools. I spent a few years in a low-tech classroom, but I am excited to work my way back to 1:1 again. My students started using the Khan academy as a math center every day this fall.

What Is It?
The Khan Academy offers activities and videos that move at an individualized pace. My students use this app on their iPad devices during math centers, and they can also use them at home. We use it for math, but the program offers content in science, computers, history, art, economics, and more. My students can move among different levels to cover learning gaps and advance their skills. They can review their subtraction skills and learn about angles before we have covered it in the classroom. The Khan Academy partners with NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, and MIT to offer content.

The Khan Academy can be used all over the world! It is being translated into 36 languages. Teachers and parents can track the progress for quantity and mastery. My students love the energy points and badges they earn when they use the app.

How Much Does It Cost?
The website and app are completely free!

This app would make a great center in your classroom, a whole-class video teaching tool, or a homework assignment!