Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pinterest Pick 3 August: Armor of God

I am joining the Pinterest Pick 3 Linky hosted by Lisa over at PAWSitively Teaching and Marissa over at Inspired Owl's Corner! Every month on the 3rd, bloggers can link up their top 3 Pinterest picks of the month.

This month, I am pinning three ideas for our yearly theme, The Armor of God. I am so excited for this theme since students will be able to connect well with the visuals. It also ties into our newly chosen mascot, the Knights, and my classroom theme, Minecraft.

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I am always looking for ways to help students become more familiar with God's Word. Since we are learning about the Sword of the Spirit, I love how this Draw Your Sword game associates with the Armor of God theme. The bright and colorful "swords" make for a great addition to the classroom!
I think these healthy snacks are a great way to connect the Armor of God with tangible items to make this lesson kinesthetic. I would change of few of them - string cheese for the belt of truth, cauliflower helmets of salvation, and Triscuit shields of faith. I might also change the shoes of peace to cherry tomatoes since I think canned fruit doesn't really fit into the snack. The concept is great!

A few years ago, someone created a castle theme for Vacation Bible School. I love these hallway decorations to welcome students. I could hang them in front of my room or ask my colleagues if they would like join in. What a majestic entrance!