Sunday, September 11, 2016

4 Activities for Grandparent's Day in the Upper Elementary

Tomorrow, we are celebrating our first Grandparent's Day at the King's Academy. We are opening with a prayer from our pastor. The whole school is signing two songs based on our theme for the year. We put together a video of greetings from some of our student body.

After lunch with our grandparents, grandparents will be able to visit our classrooms. All of my activities are created in a resource called Grandparent's Day for Upper Elementary. Here's a preview of the activities we will be doing with our grandparents:
 We will be displaying our new devices and blogging skills with a guest post from our grandparents.
 When they finish, they can use their extra time completing this word search.
I put a bonus activity in my resource! There are six different boards.
Before the grandparents leave, they will give a tour of their classroom and this framed gift.

Happy Grandparent's Day to all of the blessed people that support students in education!