Friday, March 18, 2016

Digital Curating

How did you receive content from your teachers? Charlie Brown sat and listened to his teacher's lectures. My classroom is full of multiple intelligence strategies, but what about the content? My students have the ability to Google. They watch YouTube videos instead of television, and digital learning skills are a necessity in their world. Beth Holland, Instructor and Communications Coordinator at Ed Tech Teacher (2016) challenges the way students curate content. Technology has transformed the way we learn subject matter. She encourages teachers to find ways to curate, synthesize, and reflect upon knowledge.

While you were taking notes in school, today's students are curating videos, photos, and websites. Let's take a look at this scenario: A teacher provides a student with a link to a website about ecosystems. The students adds it to their science notebook in Evernote (find a quick overview in the video below). After reading the article, the students demonstrate assessment by choosing three tags for the article. Each one of those tags should connect to another note in their Evernote accounts. They have made a connection with creation in religion, opinion writing, and continents in social studies. Finally, they write a paragraph reflecting on what they learned, how they can use this information, and what they want to learn about ecosystems. This type of curating enhances a deep level of learning that is not found in the copying of notes.

I have used Evernote for a few years as a tool to transfer my notes to all of my devices. It holds all of my notes from my master's degree as I read from my digital textbook for my online classes. I decided to add this to my writing lesson today. We downloaded Evernote onto our iPads and created accounts with our Google e-mail. Each student created a notebook for each subject. We added a few units before the end of the lesson. This evening, I developed my own notebooks for my teaching and administrator standards. I can't wait to see their notebooks in a few months!

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Currently March 2016


Listening: I tend to have a Christian Pandora station playing while I am working.

Loving: We are performing Jonah with a Wild West theme. It's a whale of a tale in the Wild, Wild West!

Thinking: We are having a Fiesta Book Fair in April, and my Spanish students are preparing presentations.

Wanting: My Dr. Seuss activities are in need of an upgrade.

Needing: They are very picky crabs - they only eat the tropical fruit mix.

Polling Site: We are not a polling site, but the school felt the stranger danger last year during our construction.